About Jeremy Price
JP Organ Service is located in New York City and is run and
owned by Jeremy Price.  Mr. Price is both a musician and an
organ technician.  Musically, he has focused on Black Gospel
and has played for such notable churches as The Love Center
and The Brooklyn Tabernacle.  He currently plays for various
churches in the five boroughs of New York City.

The son of a talented mechanic and machinist, Jeremy began
repairing organs at the age of 18 when his first organ had some
"technical" problems.  He sought out the advice of Bob
Schleicher, proprietor of Electronic Instrument Service, and
began a lasting friendship that eventually led to a full-time
internship with Bob at his shop in Oakland, California.  

As a musician and Service Technician, Jeremy has not only the
skills to play and repair Hammond organs but also has
developed a love, appreciation, and respect for these classic
instruments.  People who have Hammond organs "aren't so
much owners of them as they are stewards of them."  This love
of the instrument is reflected in Jeremy's meticulous technical
work.  Care is taken to both preserve these instruments and
optimize their sound to what they should be.

Although Jeremy does occasional complete organ rebuilds, his
focus is on service repair calls to churches, homes, clubs and
Jeremy's red and purple Hammond model A with Late B-3 Guts.
Here are a few of Jeremy's past projects: